Public nudity! Sex in public! Exhibitionists!

Spring Break Madness! Drunken balcony orgies!

"What is it with Mardi Gras, anyway?"

Now, you've probably heard rumors about Mardi Gras Flashers and saw a few pictures around the Net of some gal flashing for beads. Hey! You actually might be one of those lucky few to have made it down here during the peak of Carnival Madness.

But do you really know what it's all about?

I've always had a fascination with Mardi Gras. In fact, that's what brought me to New Orleans in the first place- I was 14 years old and ran away from home to the Carnival! Only problem was that I'd used the date of Mardi Gras from the year before so I showed up i the Big Easy two weeks too late. That's why I've got that countdown window on the next page, just so no one ever misses it again

Well, I may have missed that first Mardi Gras but I fell in love with this town nevertheless. There's a certain charm, an almost magic quality, found in New Orleans that no other place has. I've traveled a lot and been to many places, but none compares to the Big Easy. This is my home now and I love to share it!

Come with me into the heart of the Quarter and the center of erotic madness. I'll show you true theater of the street, where members of the audience take turns entertaining the rest. We'll watch ordinary housewives act like whores, coeds turn into sluts, secretaries teasing strangers and the girl-next-door stripping her clothes off in the middle of the street. Here, a fool reigns supreme with the whore as his consort. And not just during Mardi Gras, my friend, but throughout the year! Because it happens all the time now and I'm the only one capturing those lewd moments every week. And not just the street action either, I'll take you into clubs that will shock you.

This is where I work, in the center of the madness. Join me and you'll see what it's all about You'll have the best seat in the house- on the shoulder of a professional..